Here's The Agenda... Monday - Tuesday

The Format - Fast, Intensive, On-Schedule

We have a lot of exciting subject matter to cover, and we deliver to our attendees. 

And, as for the Summit sessions, no other event covers as much territory and with the number of distinguished aviation executives and thought-leaders. We'll be posting the specific times for each session shortly, but here's the basic rundown of what will be delivered on each day of the Summit.

Official Agenda Now Available  
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** note agenda subject to change due to speaker requirements


Come Early For Two Exclusive Pre-Summit Events

Saturday, August 26...

The Third Annual China-US Travel Opportunities Symposium - Presented by the staff of China Ni Hao, LLC and Boyd Group International, it's the only event that delivers functional information and strategies for airports and communities to capture more of the 26 million visitors who will be coming from China in the next five years. Click here for more details.

Sunday, August 27...

Optional Pre-Summit Workshops Program

More Insight Than Other Events In Their Entirety!

The optional Pre-Summit Workshop Program on Sunday afternoon focuses on hot-button issues that other events don't even get to...

It's Not A Detour - It's The New Airline Economics:  Get prepared for some fun and a whole new perspective on the future of air transportation. This session will change your perspectives on how airlines will be strategizing in the future. 

Plan for some fun fireworks. We'll be questioning all of the accepted assumptions regarding air transportation, such as what to expect as more new-generation airliners enter fleets. We'll be illuminating how "fares" are now just a part of the airlines' necessary revenue streams. We'll be covering how ULCCs are developing from carriers on the margins of air travel and into purveyors of air transportation as a discretionary consumer option. We'll be looking at the economics - and often non-economics - of emerging airline models.

Yes, we will take a very hard analysis of how airlines now view and process customers - and it's going to be direct and clear. 

It's not a diversion from traditional airline strategies - it's going to be whole new product positioning and consumer behavior.

This session will be followed by a Q&A period with lots of attendee participation. 

Plan on lots of accepted norms to be vandalized at this Workshop!

Ready for Takeoff?? The Future of UAS: UAS - drones - are an important emerging technology and an important new communications channel.

It goes beyond hobbyists and small, 20-minute range toys. Drone technology can be applied to logistics, agriculture, manufacturing and construction.

But there are a lot of clouds on this horizon, such as assuring security and safety. So far this year, for example, at least two major airports in China have been shut down due to un-tracked use of drones. The potential for misuse (or worse) is high. One major incident of a drone causing an accident, and the governmental response will not be positive to the future of these devices.

The UAS industry is working on a framework of solutions. At this Workshop, you'll hear from regulatory, industry development, and operational integration experts in this field. They'll bring attendees up to speed on the immense value of this new channel, and what's being done to assure that it can grow and prosper.

Fuel:  What's In The Future Pipeline?  The fuel dragon is still out there. A spike or a major drop in availability will change aviation strategies. Know what to expect from the expert. 

Ben Brockwell, Director at OPIS has made what were "disruptive" and even iconoclastic predictions at 4 previous Boyd Summits.  Those predictions were all 100% accurate - regardless of the other "experts" in the field.  Back when oil was way over $80, he told the Summit that it would drop into the $40s - and provided data to support the (now-proven-correct) prediction.

This Workshop will deliver clear and concise data and information that is important for airports, suppliers, and financial institutions to understand. At current rates, for example, the fleets of 50-seat jets will continue to be retired as they come off lease. But a spike in jet-A prices will change that. This will affect air service planning, OEM and supplier strategies, as well as the future facility footprints of airports.

Whatever area of aviation you're in, you won't want to miss this session!

Air Access Realities & Opportunities 401Three years go, the IAFS outlined how traditional "air service development" approaches were becoming obsolete, and were founded on an airline system that no longer exists. Blind reports such as "market studies" and "drive analyses" and "cost calculators" merely measure things - often not very well - instead of delivering insight that relates to forecasting the future.

That's because most of these ASD programs are accomplished in an absence of honest professional knowledge of the dynamics of the consolidated airline industry, so the numbers just measure the past, instead of forecasting the realistic future.

This Workshop will go into the new dynamics that airports and communities must deal with, such as analyzing what consumers will actually do in the real world of air service alternatives, not what they say on an unscientific survey that asks softball questions, the answers for which have no bearing on consumer behavior.

We'll outline new consumer trends. Things like road-hubbing, which represents strong opportunities for some airports, and tough realities for others - realities that a "leakage study" or web-based "cost calculator" won't change. And they're core planning factors that "ASD" ignores completely.

The global economy will affect all airports. We'll look at the regional consumer effects as airports such as Columbus, CVG, Sacramento, Indianapolis and others gain long-haul international access.

This goes way beyond current "air service development" - because it addresses the future.. Bring your board members to this Workshop. The mayor, too.

And Then... A Fun Opportunity To Talk About The Future. Or Other Things.

These Workshops are intense and all business. So you'll be happy to proceed directly afterwards to the fabulous IAFS Welcome Reception, sponsored by the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority. There will be extensive opportunities to network, relax, and enjoy the Wynn.


Monday Evening...

After a full and exciting day exploring the future, it will be time to let loose and enjoy. There's no better place than the Intrigue night club, right at the Wynn. Again the hospitality of the LVCVA, this will set a new bar in regard to fun and relaxed networking. Attire will be business casual, but the value in making new contacts with colleagues will be strictly black-tie quality! 

Invest time in your future... join us at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort August 27-29. Click here to register now!