The Summit: Delivering Analytical & Planning Firepower To All Sectors of Aviation

Today, accurately predicting and preparing for the emerging trends in aviation is no longer global v local.

All of aviation in inter-related, trans-functional  and trans-global.  And so is the IAFS.

Whether it's in Shanghai or Sacramento, it's a tightly interconnected aviation system that knows no borders. Finance, facility planning, professional services, not to mention air service capacity are all from much the same global sources.

- An aircraft order in the EU can affect suppliers and air transportation volumes in Cincinnati and in Tienjin.

- A change in strategy at an alliance partner in Asia can result in places like Saginaw or Tucson or Manaus suddenly having more access from across China, dictating the need for changes in marketing and air access outreach to match the new opportunities.

- The introduction of new airliner categories will change how airlines strategize  their route systems, and how airports need to re-think facility planning.  

These are not hypotheticals, by the way. They are all in progress right now, and they were discussed at earlier Summits.

Two Days of Forecast & Trend Insight. This is the underlying focus of the International Aviation Forecast Summit. Throughout the event, we "de-silo" the information flows from aviation leaders and relate them to the planning and tactical needs of the attendees.

From top financial firms, to leasing companies, to ground equipment suppliers, to global airport gateways to regional airports in the USA and Canada, the IAFS delivers insight that relates to the future.

All Trends & Aviation Dynamics Are Covered

Over the next several weeks, we'll be outlining the outstanding list of aviation thought-leaders who will be discussing the future at the 2018 Summit. Among the areas that will be addressed and dissected throughout the Summit, from multiple perspectives are:

Global Aviation Dynamics.  Everything in aviation is inter-related.The Summit encompasses new dynamics in all areas of aviation planning and forecasting. Furthermore, the forecast and research of Boyd Group International is brought to bear in the extensive discussion sessions the Summit features with industry leaders.

Airline & Aviation Strategic Trends... New alliance shifts, such as the Delta/WestJet plan, or the coming expected move of China Southern from SkyTeam to oneworld, etc., will have material effects on air access at places from Beijing to Bangor. In North America, the continuing move toward larger single-aisle jets and out of "RJs" will not only affect transportation systems, but aviation supply chains as well. And don't forget the expected fallout as network carriers continue to mimic the product (or, non-product) of ULCCs.

Fleet Change Trends. It was at the Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit in 2016 that we first showcased the exciting new supersonic jet from Boom Technologies. Then, the guffaws from the usual suspects in the aviation media and the consulting world were more than obvious. Now, just two years later, this disruptive aircraft is now being taken seriously. No other aviation event got close. Then we have new-generation single-aisle jets that are changing how airlines can optimize both short haul and long haul markets with the same flexible fleet. And there will be a lot more to discuss at the Summit.

Air Service Trends. It was at the Summit five years ago that the BGI Airports:USA forecast indicted that interior, non-hubsite US cities would be the target of European carriers seeking to gain feed for their hubs across the pond. It's now happening. By building international service, these US airports will become even more "magnetic" in drawing traffic reverse leakage from other, smaller regional airports. Then there's the potential trend to more hub-bypass, encouraged by the emerging Parallel Airline Universe, a.k.a. ULCCs Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant.

Aircraft Manufacturers & New Products. The participation of Airbus in the Bombardier CSeries is not inconsequential to future orders for this airliners. We'll be looking at fleet forecasts presented by all the major global manufacturers, as well as the independent projections and trends from Boyd Group International. We'll be exploring the future effect of the deflation of the demand bubble, as operators across the globe accomplish re-fleeting in to new-generation 737MAX, A-320NEO, CSeries, E-2s, and other new platforms. 

As our regular attendees will confirm, you'll leave the Summit armed with new insights and competitive futurist intelligence not found at any other event.

Here's The Outline... Sunday August 19 - Tuesday August 21

The Format:  As our attendees know, no other event covers as much information with the high number of distinguished aviation executives and thought-leaders. For an idea as to the depth of our IAFS, we are providing a link at the bottom of this page to our 22nd IAFS held in August of 2017.  The depth of the presenters will be unrivaled - as it is every year. A glance at the 2017 Agenda will confirm this.


August 19...  Optional Pre-Summit Workshop Program

Join us on Sunday afternoon. The Optional Pre-Summit IAFS Workshop program actually covers more content than most other aviation events in their entirety.

We'll be looking at Workshops covering air access planning (no, not shopworn "air service development.") We will be monitoring trends and planning other Workshops that relate to new approaches in dealing with the future. Workshops cover the latest hot-button issues... In the past, we've had workshops on topics such as the Cuba "opportunity," the challenges of UAS (drones), as well as new techniques in controlling the message in dealing with the media. This year will be no different and we'll be announcing the agenda shortly. 


August 20, 21... General Sessions

Our General Session begins with a Continental Breakfast at 6:45 on Monday and Tuesday, with the opening speaker at 7:55.  There will be lunch provided on Monday and Tuesday as well as fabulous networking receptions on Sunday and Monday evenings. More exciting details on those will be coming soon!

In the general sessions, do not expect long, sleep-inducing slide decks. First, the presenters are all decision-makers, and all have very strong views of the future. Second, the IAFS format concentrates on delivering discussion sessions - free form exploration of how the presenters see emerging trends


Social & Networking Events

Bring lots of business cards. Not only are the presenters a networking opportunity, but, remember, the attendees are all leaders in their fields as well.  

There is a great welcome reception on Sunday evening, and we're planning a very unique venue for the Monday Night event as well. 


Last Year's Agenda

Click Here for a copy of last year's agenda to see what we have done in the past -- this year will be even better!


We have a tiered level of special registration rates, and invite you to register early for extra special savings!