China-US Travel Opportunities Symposium

Tentative Agenda
(Subject To Revision)

This Symposium goes well beyond “China ready” programs, and delivers the new emerging dynamics of China-US travel opportunities. Attendees will be exposed to options and opportunities they can pursue to develop their own China program.

The team delivering the Symposium include experts on all aspects of China travel, plus in-depth expertise on the future emerging trends that communities, venues and airports need to factor in to their planning.

In addition, we have airline executives who will deliver insights on what communities and airports can do to engender more air-access from China, both nonstop and connecting. 

The end of the plastic-payment era. Did you know that in major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, many Chinese consumers don't use cash. And they don't carry credit cards, either. The era of mobile pay has arrived in China - and acceptance of this channel of trade will be critical to attracting the growing FIT and millennial market. Alipay - part of Alibaba, one of China's largest companies - will be here to discuss.

Join us at the Wynn August 26 and get the latest on how to welcome more guests from the Middle Kingdom! It will move very fast, so plan to take notes!


Symposium Sessions

1:00 – 1:30 – Introduction To The US-China Market of The Future – Facts, figures and trends of Chinese international air travel. Wider air access from China, changing entry & exit patterns, and more  - Michael Boyd

1:30 - 2:30 - Adjusting To The Future Chinese Visitor  - Anticipating Change In Demographics & Economic Factors  – Facts, figures and trends of Chinese visitors to the U.S. Travel habits, booking cycles and the booking decision. The evolving nature of the Chinese traveler-FIT versus group.  The different Chinese audiences including millennials. What Chinese visitors do/want to do in the U.S. The three different markets: Chinese-Americans, Chinese students and Chinese tourists.  Review of Chinese culture and lifestyle-points to know. Top tips to make your destination China Welcome.Chris Spring/Jack Lok

2:30 – 3:00 – The Cashless Society – A Future Imperative To Being China-Welcome™ - Chinese consumers are increasingly using mobile-enabled payment systems instead of credit cards. As more FIT and millennial traffic arrives in the US, it will be venues that are mobile-compatible that will have the advantage.  - Souheil Badran, President, Ant Financial - Alipay

3:00 – 3:15 - Refreshment Break

3:15 - 3:55 – The Airline Perspective on China-USA Travel –Airline presentation and post-discussions regarding increasing air access, nonstop and connect.  Joe Mohan-American Airlines, and John Jackson – Korean.

3:55: - 4:45 - Developing A Tailored China Outreach Plan - Reviewing the different target audiences,  How to engage Chinese travelers using digital media, search engines, OTA’s and social media in China. The importance of  WeChat and content marketing. Pros and cons of building a Chinese web site in the U.S. or China. David Zhou

4:45- 5:15Blue Printing Your Specific China Plan including Q&A. Requirements for a destination to be China-Welcome. Identifying your area’s specific “draw,”  identifying channels of tourist transit, anticipating communication touch-points and Next Steps. Entire Team

5:15 – 6:00 Networking Reception – Hosted by Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority

Planned Participants:

  • Jack Lok - CNH
  • Chris Spring - CNH
  • Michael Boyd - CNH
  • Joe Mohan – American Airlines
  • Souheil Badran, Director Americas, Alipay
  • David Zhou - CNH
  • John Jackson – Korean Airlines

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