The Next Step Beyond “China-Ready"

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Over the next five years, the Boyd Group International Airports:China forecast predicts over 23 million Chinese visitors to the US. And they will be traveling to all of America, not just big cities.

Here are a few facts - reasons that this new traffic is important to all regions of the nation:

  • Chinese visitors are the highest-spend of any international group. Over $6,000 per visitor.
  • Chinese visitors tend to have itineraries that encompass entire regions of the nation. Yours needs to be on the routing.
  • Over 40% of these visitors start their itinerary planning on their smart phones. They do a lot of research. Is your destination accessible.
  • Booking trips tends to be fairly close to the date of travel. Research is done way out. The decision is made close in.
  • High on the itinerary list are places that are off the beaten path, not just big cities.
  • Chinese visitors prefer destinations and venues that represent low levels of challenge in navigating and enjoying the venue.
  • FIT travel - those not traveling in tour groups - will be the biggest growth segment - one that will favor places that are easy to navigate without English proficiency.

Will your community, region and airport be on their itineraries? This means going beyond "China-ready" and into programs of "China-Welcome.

Ready Is Not Enough. Most "China ready" programs focus on things like how to deal with Chinese visitors, and not specifically making the venue one that is functionally-enjoyable to them, And more critically, these "ready" programs are completely devoid of the most important aspect - welcoming them before they leave China - before they make their itinerary decisions.

"Ready" is just part of what's needed. It means things like, how to have slippers in the room. Why not to serve ice water right off at a restaurant. How to present a business card... factors like that.

They're important, but "welcome" means assuring that the entire venue is functionally prepared to assure that these visitors feel welcome when on their own, passing through and experiencing the destination.  Things like effective and unobtrusive wayfinding... Chinese-language support materials where they might be expected... support for things like Chinese menus... store charts that convert US clothing sizes to Chinese sizes... information on local sights, including any factors that address the challenges of non-English speakers.

Welcome Starts In China. In the future, the key to attracting these visitors to your destination is simply taking steps to get in front of them in China. No, this does not require an expensive trade office representative in Beijing. It means, literally getting into their pockets. There are more people on the internet at this moment than the entire population of the United States.

The Third Annual Symposium - Insights That Give You The Edge

This year, we're delivering a comprehensive overview of the China opportunity - from a China-presence, to building travel channels to your destination (air and surface) to building your own functional China-Welcome and outreach program.

Symposium is a must-attend for: CVBs, airports, Chambers of Commerce and economic development organizations.

Areas We'll Be Covering...

  • Opening: Sizing The Opportunity
    In The New China-US Market of The Future

Projections of China-visitor travel, including key profile data. Forecasts of volume, travel channels/modality, current destinational distribution, current & expected spend habits, accommodation preferences, etc. We’ll be looking at the new China air gateways, too.

Advanced forecasts of leisure travel volume and shifts in Chinese travel demographics and expectations in the future. You’ll see where Chinese visitors will be planning to visit as this sector expands and seeks more developed venues and itineraries.

  • Adjusting To The Future Chinese Visitor:
    The New Importance of Millennials & The FIT Sector

The needs and expectations of Chinese visitors will evolve fundamentally from those of today. The forecasting expertise of Boyd Group International, and China Ni Hao’s unrivaled understanding of the Chinese market will give you direction on how to make sure your venues will be on these visitors’ itineraries, particularly as the more-demanding FIT category grows.

  • Developing A Differentiated China Outreach Program

You don’t need an office in Beijing. But you do need to be digitally accessible to the over 225 million Chinese who are on the internet every day. China Ni Hao experts will be outlining innovative ways you can get in front of these consumers – far more cost-effectively than traditional approaches.

  • Building Your Specific Strategic Plan

This brings it all together – the “how to” action plans to communicate and to raise your profile in various sectors of the Chinese business and travel industries. We’ll be covering:

How to identify your region’s real opportunities. Chinese want to see all of America – including points you may never expect. China Ni Hao staff includes the #1 tour generator from China – and we’ll be going over the characteristics of venues that future visitors will want to explore.

Building Access Programs. Tour/bus movements are being supplanted by FIT travelers. They will increasingly be using air to start itineraries in the interior of the US. They will be using rental cars. They will be seeking hospitality venues that are easy to navigate. Is your airport prepared? Is there a clear air access development program in place that addresses connectivity from the new nonstop flights from more Chinese cities? Is there an outreach program that includes support materials and addresses anticipated needs of these travelers? We’ll be talking about the new access points from China, and how in the future more of these visitors will be flying into interior communities.

Establishing focused communication channels – online, web-based, social media, direct contact. Not just the “how” but which channels best fit your community. Most are a lot less complex than you may think. We’ll be exploring wayfinding approaches that can be tailored to the specific needs of the anticipated categories of Chinese visitors.

Developing an outreach program. The essential factor is that outreach must be on-going and well-focused. We’ll be exploring tailored outreach - programs that position your community and region as being eager to welcome visitors from the Middle Kingdom.

Developing your own local China-Welcome™ program. We’ll talk about developing “China Kits” and strategies to assure that your entire community can roll out appropriate welcome mats for specific categories of visitors.

Appropriate signage and corollary support for the specific levels of interaction. Collateral materials in Chinese appropriate to the venue and/or purpose of specific visit, such as business site reviews. And we’ll be talking about “trans-creation” – and how to avoid “translations.”

The Symposium is more than information. It delivers a blueprint for functional programs that will make your region one Chinese will want to explore!

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