We’re Celebrating The 20th Summit!

And We’re Back At The Perfect Venue – Las Vegas!

We’re excited to announce that the 20th Annual Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit is again being hosted by the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and McCarran International Airport, August 30 – September 1, 2015.

The #1 International Aviation Forecast Event

Year after year, the IAFS is the one event that delivers more –

More insight into the emerging trends in aviation… More futurist perspectives on the strategies of the national and global airline industries… More actionable business intelligence… More presentations from key decision-makers across aviation… More discussion sessions that explore the future and get direct attendee involvement. More actual forecasts – not wandering opinions.

In short, the Summit is two days of gaining a jump on the future.

Whatever area of the industry you’re in – airlines, airports, suppliers, finance, labor, planning – the Summit is a valuable investment in assuring your competitive edge.

This Year – The Biggest, Most Valuable Summit Yet!

This year is planned to be even bigger than 2014’s record, when we had the participation from CEOs and executives from American, Southwest, Embraer, A4A, Boeing, Allegiant, Copa, United, JetBlue, Air Berlin, Airbus, Spirit, SkyWest, Mitsubishi, South African, Hawaiian, Japan Airlines, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Korean, and more.

Plus, over sixty airline staff and planners from all over the globe were in attendance, too.


You’re Part of The Summit Sessions. It’s the leaders in the aviation industry that attend the Summit year after year. That’s because it’s truly a forecast and futurist exploration event.

The Summit takes on hard, independent forecast data and trends. We engage in free and open discussion with key decision-makers from across the industry and the globe. Our attendees have outstanding opportunities to engage in Q&A and interaction.

Examples of some of the hot-button aviation trends we’ll be exploring at the Summit -

New Aviation Trends: The IAFS was the first to predict major airline fleet shifts, such as replacement of 50-seat “regional jets,” and the drop in oil prices. This year, we’re going to be looking at the fallout, consequences and opportunities for airports, communities, and financial institutions that new fleet capabilities will bring.

The Coming Foreign Airline Invasion: One of the future trends outlined at the IAF 2014 was the coming influx of foreign carriers seeking to enter mid-size, non-hubsite US airports, such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Memphis, and New Orleans. This will change travel channels in North America. Be at the Summit to get the data.

New Imperatives For Air Service Access Planning. The data is not just compelling – it’s now verified. Regionalization of air access for whole regions of the US is now a consumer-driven fact. At the IAFS, we’ll be outlining the realities of assuring connectivity to the global economy, the hard choices that must be made, and how traditional “Air Service Development” schemes are now obsolete in addressing the future. Now communities must evolve to address the new structure of the airline industry. Some tough data, and some real changes in strategy  – but communities and regions that adjust to the future will see economic growth. It’s a choice – chase the past, or optimize for the future.

Airline Industry Insight:  This is the event where discussions and exploration of the future is the name of the game – not droning “panels” that dance around the issues. Attendees get perspectives from the executives and CEOs that will shape the future. The Summit is tightly scheduled to deliver the maximum information and forecast insight.

Airports:USA® Enplanement Forecasts. This session delivers projections of where air traffic will grow, where it will plateau, and where it is likely to decline due to changes in airline strategies and regional economic factors. It is the only independent airport-by-airport forecast accomplished entirely in the private sector.

In wrapping up, the Summit is an investment in the future.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.