More Aviation CEOs & Executives… More Forecasts…

More Networking.

Regardless of your role in aviation – airport, financial, supplier, planner, airline – the IAFS is the #1 event that delivers data and information to put you competitively ahead.

The 2015 Summit is going to be quite crowded – crowded with new ideas and new perspectives from a host of industry leaders…

Insight From CEOs – And Unmatched Networking Opportunities. This year, airline CEOs and senior executives will be discussing and exploring the new future of the industry.

These include top decision-makers from:

American, Allegiant, United, Delta, JetBlue, Air China, Frontier, Spirit, Air Canada, Southwest, Hainan, Japan Airlines, VivaLatinamerica, South African, Virgin America, Nok Air, China WestAir, Alaska, Korean, All Nippon, Lufthansa, Condor, and more.

In total, there will be over 80 airline executives and staff. No other event offers this elevated level of insight and planning expertise.

Hot Button Issues Are Front And Center. The Summit will feature an incisive session with Mr. Nick Calio, the CEO of Airlines For America (A4A). Yes, we will grab a couple of third agenda boxrails and start shaking them – such as airport passenger facility fees, with plenty of time to dive into all sides of the issue.

How about the glowing-hot controversy regarding US carriers’ claims of unfair government subsidies to certain Gulf carriers? Mr. Ben Hirst – EVP Corporate Affairs & Special Counsel of Delta Air Lines will be at the Summit with a heavy-duty dose of facts at a special discussion session –  Competition To The Skies: The Need To Address Subsidized UAE & Qatar State-Owned Airlines Please don’t expect any dancing around the core issues.

New Fleets Mean New Planning Imperatives. In addition, senior executives from Airbus, Embraer, Boeing, Bombardier and Mitsubishi will outline the changes the industry will see in regard to new fleet mixes. This is in addition to the 2016-2025 Global Fleet Trend & Forecast from Boyd Group Inrternational.

A Unique Format – Fast, Incisive, & On-Schedule. Don’t expect to doze off at the Summit. It moves fast and gets to core issues quickly. The CEOs and executives present their views of the future of the industry, typically within an interactive discussion environment, with lots of Q&A. Focused discussions on real-world issues. The environment is to encourage new ideas and new thinking – from all in attendance.

2014Collage600pxNo Sacred Cows. The IAFS is known for not allowing “consensus” or ambient thinking to impair the exploration of new ideas. As our regular attendees know, we do not allow political correctness in the event. We work to bring out new ideas, not hear federal bureaucrats drone on about the party line. That can be found at other events. At the IAFS, we look over the horizon.

Real Forecasts – Not Opinions. At the IAFS, there is no dancing around the issues. Our Airports:USA enplanement forecast summary delivers hard, direct projections on the trends that will affect airports. Our airline trend projections illuminate the future, not trend-line the past. And the forecasts from all the global aircraft manufacturers give attendees a clear picture of the aircraft types and market trends that will affect all sectors of aviation.

Optional Workshops That Deliver More Than Other Conferences In Their Entirety.

The IAFS is intended to deliver more insight and data on the dynamics that affect the future. So, in addition to the two full days of the Summit, we offer an optional Workshop Program, covering issues such as the new Air Service Realities (and they are new), privatization of ATC, the Pilot Shortage, and the emerging challenges of UAVs. If you’re coming to the Summit, consider joining us for this optional program.

Mark your calendar for the “Optional Sunday Workshop Program” on the afternoon of August 30th.  There’s more valuable information and data you won’t want to miss.  For more information on the program click here.


Plus, The First China-US Aviation Opportunities Symposium

We’ve covered Chinese opportunities at past Summits. But now, with the explosion in Chinese leisure traffic and Chinese direct investment in the US, we’ve taken the subject to a new level.

ChinalogoT600pxOpporunititessnapshotIf you can get to Las Vegas a day early, this year, we’re holding a whole separate event to discuss and explore the future for airports and communities in regard attracting new investment and leisure traffic from China.  The China-US Aviation Opportunities Symposium is the first comprehensive overview of what airports and communities can do right now to attract the largest growth segment of traffic and business investment.

If your airport, community or business is going to be affected by Chinese travel and investment (and, most communities will be), consider coming to Las Vegas a day early for this ground-breaking event.  Click here for more details.

In wrapping up, the Summit is an investment in the future.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.